Mullan's Organic Farm

The overall aim of the farm is to sell good quality, locally produced organic food to local people.

Organic status has provided entry into an exclusive market; therefore Mullan's Organic Farm aims to provide top quality organic produce for the food market by establishing complete self-sufficiency of the poultry product life cycle; from day old to oven-ready point of sale. All that remains is to advertise our product in the necessary environment to increase market knowledge of organic availability.

Chicks are purchased from a local hatchery at 1-day old. They are kept for a minimum of 12 weeks (as required by organic standard). The broiler chickens are housed in polytunnels, which are ideal for keeping out the wind and rain, but allow lots of light and warmth from the sun in. The broiler chickens are 4-8lb weights when they are slaughtered. There is a kill once per week to accommodate market demands.

Turkeys, Ducks and Geese
The birds are purchased as chicks in June. They are bedded in straw and thrive in the poly tunnels, which have plenty of warmth. The tunnels are open so the birds have fresh air and space to strut about gobbling and fanning their feathers to impress onlookers! Water from springs on the farm is piped to drinkers; ducks and geese also have their own little pond. The birds are free-range and are allowed to come and go as they please during the day.

Christmas week is a hectic production time as large quantities cause a challenge in their processing. Workers are employed to pluck and all the family is enlisted to pack, weigh and distribute. A processing unit has been set up which allows the birds to be slaughtered, processed and packaged all within the farm.